New Comic Book Alert! 'Ticky Tikku Fight Corona Monster' Launched!

Get ready for an exciting journey with Ticky and Tikku in Dabung Girl's hot air balloon as they fight the corona virus aka the corona monster aka covid-19! Children have a lot of questions bothering them as their lives have been temporarily changed by the pandemic. This story aims to provide answers to some of those questions, while encouraging children to realize their inner hero through optimism, asking the right questions, and developing an empathetic outlook.

What precautions to take during the pandemic? Well, Ticky and Tikku answer this question through a funny story designed especially for children - Dabung Girl style! The story starts with some of the questions that are bothering Ticky and Tikku. They then embark on a journey to find the answers themselves and, in the process, provide answers to the questions from others.