New Comic Book Alert! 'Cyber Attack on America: SuperAvni and Dabung Girl' Launched!

A must-read fictional comic book about SuperAvni and Dabung Girl, who work together with Kamala, US Vice President to save America from a cyber attack. If you have not read it yet, you are missing something! SuperAvni is a next-gen superhero who combines empathy and technology to fight modern-day challenges. SuperAvni might be a superhero, but just like each one of us, she has a vulnerable aspect to her. Every time she uses next-gen empathy to connect with someone and feel their emotions, she is left drained. Her energy level falls drastically, and there is just one way she can regain her strength…food and music!

Cyber Attack on America: SuperAvni and Dabung Girl (English) is available to buy on Amazon Kindle Indian, US and UK and Paperbacks are available on Amazon and Flipkart!

Download the comic book now: