New Comic Book Alert! 'Dabung Girl and the Space Journey' Launched!

This comic book is a must-read for every child. A new Indian superhero is here, and this time, it is a female superhero, Dabung Girl. She is a fearless hero, who has an elastic body as her superpower. However, unlike other superheroes, who come and save the day, she helps children find solutions on their own. The imagination, creativity, and fun continues throughout the comic. This comic book inspires children to find their inner superhero. In this issue, she uses her elastic body to protect children while imparting the importance of saving the environment and a lesson on gender equality!

“I wanted my daughter to read things that inspire her to strive for success, that fuel her imagination and nurture her creative spirit! I am thankful to Dabung Girl for giving her a superhero she deserves!” – A Mother