New Comic Book Alert! 'Beating the Odds: Purple Flame and Dabung Girl' Launched!

This amazing comic book is a must-read for every child, teacher and parent. It features World's first dyslexic girl superhero, Purple Flame, who overcomes the obstacles of Dyslexia and helps save people. She not only understands science well but is also an artist who can bring her art to life using her magic pen. Purple Flame, along with Dabung Girl, through engaging stories, builds understanding around the emotions that dyslexics face daily. She inspires children to learn, take action, and break stereotypes. She is ready to fight societal evils until they are wiped out! The objective of Purple Flame stories is to inspire children to become part of building inclusion and empathy in our society.

The book has been designed in knowledge partnership with Rebel Girls. The content has been developed by leveraging life skills education research from Harvard University and is in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG 2030).